Name Giving

Welcome the newest addition to your family, from newborn to any age.
Name giving ceremonies we use go back to the earliest times, long before their religious equivalent.
A celebration to introduce the newest member of your family to your friends, family and community
Let me help you create a meaningful and loving celebration

Renewal of Wedding Vows

As your love has grown and changed, share with your partner, families and friends just how special your relationship is.
An anniversary can be a wonderful time to Renew Your Vows and reaffirm your care and dedication to each other.
From a private weekend escape to all the glitz and glamour of a traditional wedding or anything in-between. The choice is yours and I can guide you to either recreate elements of your first wedding or create something totally fresh and new that represents you both and the journey you’ve made.

Commitment Ceremony

Perfect for those who legally are not permitted yet to marry or not quite ready to “Tie the Knot” but would still like to affirm to each and your family and friends, just how special your relationship is.
Commitment Ceremonies commemorate the care and devotion you share with a ceremony of grace and dignity.
From a private ceremony for just a select few to a full celebration for all those significant in your lives.
A moment in time to mark your lives moving forward together

The Family Unity

Families come in all shapes and sizes including newly blended families. If you’ve just merged your brood, maybe someone feels they’ve lost their place and a Family Unity Ceremony can ensure everybody knows how special they are. A ceremony to accommodate your new family unit and to celebrate the future. A Family Unity Ceremony can be conducted similar to a Name Giving Ceremony including Candles, Gifts, Mementoes and Certificates.